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A young and dynamic Muslim company, DN MultiMedia is based in Singapore. We specialise in Computer Based Training, Instructional Design and Multimedia.

We are now bringing our years of experience in developing computer based training (CBT) to the Muslim community.
We feel that based on our core competencies, we see the opportunity of helping the Muslim Ummah at large by converting existing static based Islamic materials to a
more refreshing, more interesting and interactive software program that will appeal to all ages.

Hence our theme:

Enabling Technology for the Muslim Ummah.
We hope the range of products introduced over time will push the limit of what is currently available in the market. We do not intend to duplicate what is already being done by other software developers and through this, we feel we can truly add value to the Muslim Ummah, Insya'Allah.
DN Mission

Our Mission is simple - to get our softwares into every Muslim household, in fact, into every PC belonging to a Muslim, Insya'Allah.

Easier said than done .... time will tell. One thing for sure, we will make our softwares affordable to all, well almost - depending where you come from.
(PS: If you feel the software is priced out of reach for a typical family in your country/city/town, write to us and we will consider pricing it more affordably just for you ;-) .

We are able to do this as we are not totally profit oriented and not totally business oriented, but we do need funds to get us going. This is in spite of taking 4 years to develop this software from scratch. Further, this is also in line with our mission of getting this software onto every PC belonging to a Muslim, Insya'Allah.

We hope users can appreciate the feature-rich Multi Reciter version which is being circulated for free!

Insya'Allah, we are determined to achieve our objective and with support from Muslims all over the world, and the Guidance of Allah SWT, we will achieve our goal over time ....

This project has been so far self-funded.

May Allah show us all to the right path .... Amiin
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